Twinsights is an all-empowering, intuitive platform that helps our customers connect, consolidate, manage, and plan their projects and assets. Our Digital Twin technology paves the intelligent way to insights and offers data through a single pane of glass. With Twinsights, you can effortlessly connect all stakeholders in the chain, so that business runs smoother and faster without compromise on efficiency and sustainability.

Why Digital Twins?

A digital twin is a virtual/digital replica of physical objects such as devices, people, processes, or systems that help businesses make model-driven decisions using digital twin technology. The purpose of a digital twin is to run cost-effective simulations. Today, businesses are using digital twins in numerous ways – from product development to operational performance improvement.

Digital twins, enabled by digital twin technology, can significantly improve enterprises’ data-driven decision-making processes. They are linked to their real-world equivalents at the edge, and businesses use the digital twin technology to understand the state of the physical asset, respond to changes, improve operations, and add value to the systems.

Twinsights Features

Asset lifecycle information management

  • Digitally manage Project, Asset, Space & Facilities.

Workflow Automation

  • Out-of-the-box business processes for construction and asset management, and tailor-made workflows for specific needs.


  • Easy access to project-related information anytime, anywhere.

Insightful Dashboard

  • Project Insights based on various stages of an asset lifecycle.

Simplified Deployment

  • Flexible deployment options based on your ICT needs/policies.

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