Digital Enablement

As digital technologies continue to evolve and disrupt traditional business models, organizations that are digitally enabled with digital enablement are better equipped to respond to changing market conditions and stay competitive.

There is no innovation without change. Those who initiate change can shape the future. We believe in empowering those initiators of change and enabling businesses to adapt and gain from the evolving digital landscape.

Tech Strategy & Advisory

Before implementing the latest technology, it is important to articulate the value that technology and digital enablement can bring to an organization. We work with you to understand the complexities and challenges that your organisation currently faces and develop a digital strategy that works for you.

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Operating model setup
  • Infrastructure Resilience Mapping
  • People & change strategy alignment

Data & Analytics

Data & AI, with digital enablement, have revealed unlimited possibilities for businesses. Having access to the right data at the right time can make a world of difference to innovation and competition. We help you identify the right application of your data to enhance customer experience and drive sustainable growth.

  • Data Transformation
  • Machine Learning Operations
  • Data Cloud Infrastructure
  • Business Intelligence

Transformation & Innovation

Digital technology, with digital enablement, has dramatically redesigned the business landscape. Most companies are implementing large-scale changes across the board to remain relevant. We are helping Enterprise leaders realize the impact that the right kind of digital enablement and transformation can bring and are embracing disruptive technology to design their future.

  • Legacy Modernization
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • App Development
  • Automation

Agile & DevSecOps

Speed and time-to-value are vital in the digital world. We believe that Agile and DevOps complement each other, as they both aspire to achieve the same result – speed. We promote DevSecOps in an Agile environment in order to accelerate technology transformation with efficiency and security at scale.

  • Project & Sprint Planning
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Security Automation
  • Full stack skilled DevSecOps teams

Managed Services

As the application ecosystem matures, application support and maintenance can become challenging. We deploy the REAL Framework – Reliable, Evolving, Assessable and Leverage to provide AMS for custom-built and platform-based applications that run on ERP, Cloud or Open-Source technologies.

  • Application Migration & Upgrades
  • Application & Database tuning
  • Security & Vulnerability Testing & Fixes
  • SLA based tiered Level 1 ,2 and 3 support
  • Predictive Monitoring
  • Real-time Insights

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