Digital Asset Management

As construction projects become more complex and involve larger teams and assets, implementing a digital asset management (DAM) system has become increasingly important. When it comes to digital transformation, the construction sector is adopting key learnings from other sectors by leveraging digital asset management, and this approach is paving the way for innovation and shaping the industry for the future.

Digital Asset Management is a powerful tool that construction companies can use to streamline their operations, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

A digital asset management system can help construction companies to:

Keep track of project progress using digital asset management

By using a digital asset management system, construction companies can monitor the progress of their projects in real-time. This can help them to identify potential issues early on and take corrective action to keep the project on-track.

Monitor the performance of teams

A digital asset management system can provide construction companies with insights into the performance of their teams. This can help them to identify areas where teams are struggling and take steps to provide additional training or support.

Manage construction assets

Construction companies have a wide range of assets, from heavy equipment to building materials. A digital asset management system can help them to track the location, usage, and maintenance of these assets, which can improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Make data-driven decisions

By using a digital asset management system, construction companies can collect data on project progress, team performance, and asset usage. This data can be analyzed to identify trends and patterns, which can inform decision-making and help companies to optimize their operations.

Digital Asset Management solutions leverage a connected data environment to facilitate the interoperation of multiple data sources, providing a common view of data that delivers accurate and reliable information when it is needed for operations, maintenance, and engineering. With improved information flow and interoperability, digital asset management helps collect, analyze, and control relevant asset information.

At Digile, we deliver comprehensive Digital Asset Management Solutions with actionable information that supports your business processes and drives the performance of your infrastructure assets.

Engineering data handover for asset management

We help customers improve the overall accessibility and relevance of asset data, in-context, across the asset lifecycle through our digital asset management solutions. We help increase efficiency by accurately managing, controlling, distributing, and archiving all types of documents and records relating to infrastructure assets, ensuring the delivery of accurate information to operations, maintenance, and engineering.

Our digital asset management system enables us to identify and retain the context of asset information and its relationship to projects, processes, equipment, organizations, and users throughout their lifecycle.

Road & linear asset management solutions

We provide software tools designed to help transportation agencies manage their road networks and linear assets such as bridges, tunnels, and railways. These solutions provide a range of features and capabilities to help transportation agencies optimize the performance of their assets, improve safety, and reduce maintenance costs.

We offer several unique advantages which include:

  • an integrated map-based system with the power of linear referencing
  • Inventory management
  • assets condition, history, inspections, work orders
  • dashboarding with an option to create a public interface for complaints in an integrated manner.

We also provide industry-leading tools for network management and asset inventory coupled with unparalleled capabilities in the field of road asset maintenance. Specialist applications for Linear Asset-based industries are incorporated as part of the product set.

Building asset management solutions

Our Digital Building Asset Management Solution is designed to help building owners and managers to effectively manage their building assets. Building assets include physical components such as HVAC systems, lighting, elevators, and plumbing, as well as non-physical assets such as leases, warranties, and maintenance contracts. It is a complete facilities Management solution which includes:

  • Maintenance Management: Our solution helps in scheduling preventive maintenance tasks, such as regular inspections and cleaning, to ensure that all building assets are functioning optimally and reduce the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns.
  • Work Order Management: We provide tools to manage work orders, such as repair requests and maintenance tasks, and track their progress. This helps building owners and managers to prioritize and assign work orders, ensure that they are completed on time, and track associated costs.
  • Space Management: We help to create an inventory of all building assets and track their location, usage, and maintenance history. This helps building owners and managers to keep track of their assets, identify potential issues early on, and ensure that all assets are functioning properly.
  • BI Dashboards: We generate reports and analytics on building assets, including performance metrics and cost analysis. This helps building owners and managers to make data-driven decisions to optimize building operations and reduce costs.

Asset Performance Management

Our goal is to optimize processes for day-to-day operations of assets to minimize operational costs and maximize your production capabilities. Our solution helps to:

  • identify assets posing the greatest risk to your business and rank assets by failure consequence and relative risk
  • view asset condition data and trends in an asset health dashboard to analyze and strategically plan inspections and maintenance
  • perform asset condition analytics for linear assets to enhance predictive maintenance and planning
  • provide proof of regulatory compliance with historical and real-time condition reports
  • manage assets spread across a wide geographic area with a solution that supports your mobile workforce
  • optimize worker safety by minimizing unplanned outages, preventing catastrophic failure, and maximizing worker engagement in the field.

Digile provides a comprehensive platform to help building owners and managers to effectively manage their assets, ensure that they are functioning optimally, and reduce costs associated with maintenance and repairs.

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