Infrastructure Lifecycle Solutions for Opus Group BHD

Challenge: Opus Group Berhad, a leading multidisciplinary consultancy with a global presence, faced challenges in effectively managing the design and handover processes for their major projects. With a diverse range of clients and projects spanning multiple industries, Opus needed a comprehensive solution to streamline their design and handover workflows and improve asset lifecycle management.

Solution: Digile (previously Reveron Consulting), implemented a solution for Opus Group Berhad to address their design and handover challenges. The solution included the following components:

Project Information Management System: Digile executed a complete Project Information Management System with a Common Data Environment (CDE). This allowed for seamless collaboration and information sharing among project stakeholders, enhancing communication and coordination across the design and handover processes.

Adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM): The solution facilitated the adoption of BIM principles, integrating various business processes across design and handover. BIM played a crucial role in enhancing asset lifecycle management by providing a unified platform for efficient data management and visualization.

Results: The implementation of Digile’s solution delivered significant results for Opus Group Berhad, including:

  1. Streamlined Design and Handover Processes: The Project Information Management System and adoption of BIM principles enabled Opus to streamline their design and handover workflows. This led to improved efficiency, reduced errors, and enhanced collaboration among project teams.
  2. Improved Asset Lifecycle Management: The Common Data Environment facilitated better asset lifecycle management, ensuring seamless data integration and accessibility throughout the design and handover processes. This resulted in improved decision-making and more effective maintenance strategies.
  3. Enhanced Communication and Collaboration: The solution provided a unified platform for project stakeholders to communicate, share information, and collaborate effectively. This led to improved coordination and a better understanding of project requirements and goals.
  4. Increased Efficiency and Productivity: The implementation of Bentley ProjectWise Design Integration and Bentley MicroStation helped streamline design processes, improving productivity and design accuracy. This allowed Opus Group Berhad to deliver projects more efficiently and meet client expectations.

Technology Utilized: The solution implemented by Digile leveraged several cutting-edge technologies, including:

  • Bentley ProjectWise Design Integration: This comprehensive design integration platform facilitated seamless collaboration and information sharing among project stakeholders. It streamlined the design process and improved coordination between teams.
  • Bentley Facilities Planner: A powerful tool for effective asset lifecycle management, enabling efficient planning and maintenance of project assets. This solution helped Opus Group Berhad optimize their facility management processes.
  • Bentley MicroStation: A versatile software application for 2D and 3D design and drafting, providing a comprehensive set of tools for creating and visualizing design models. MicroStation helped enhance design accuracy and efficiency.

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