How Twinsights is paving the way for the future of smart infrastructure and cities

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As more and more people migrate to cities in search of jobs, a better lifestyle, and a brighter future, the administrative and operational wings of all such cities are in a constant uphill battle to ensure the continuous supply of services. With over 95% of its population projected to be living in cities by 2050 and 35% of its processed water not reaching the population, Malaysia is one country that could really benefit from Smart Cities.

Source: Smart Cities Asia

While it may sound simple at first, making a city genuinely smart requires extremely tight collaboration between all facets of a city. Getting a city equipped to become truly smart by utilizing technology to its fullest is an extremely complicated challenge. This is where TwinSights by Digile comes in.

In the webinar ‘From Digital Twins to Insights’ hosted by Joget, Digile showcased how smart cities could solve a myriad of issues and how Twinsights could play a pivotal role in getting Smart Cities from the drawing board to reality! 

Mr. Dionnald Deh from Digile took the audience through the various features of the Twinsights program. He also demonstrated the Twinsights tool in action, and how it could be used to simplify and streamline various processes. The event ended with questions from the audience and 2 lucky winners being chosen from the audience for some exciting Joget Academy vouchers!

Twinsights is designed to gather complex project and asset data from multiple sources, store them on the could for easy, all-time access, simplify digital asset management, and provide valuable insights to drive business operations from the data, giving you a 3D representation of all the insights for design BIM, and other aspects of the planning process. In addition to this, the Twinsights platform provides:

  • A unified digital hub to manage all projects easily
  • Automated reporting with executive-level project insights
  • Improved communication between contractors, consultants, and other stakeholders
  • Streamlined Digital Asset Management
  • Digital replicas and records of all your assets
  • Deep Insights into Project Health
  • Convenient mobile access

The webinar highlighted the many ways in which Twinsights can enable the smart cities of tomorrow, enlightening many in the audience!

Missed the webinar? Click to watch: How Twinsights is paving the way for the future of smart infrastructure and cities.

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