Salesforce Managed Services for Data Center and Education Organization

Challenge: The client, a data centre and education organization, recognized the value and ease of use that Salesforce offers for business transformation. However, they required assistance and support to maintain their Salesforce platform and maximize its potential. They needed a reliable partner to provide Salesforce Managed Services and ensure their platform continued to deliver optimal performance.

Solution: Digile, with over two years of expertise in Salesforce Managed Services, was chosen as the trusted partner for the client. The engagement began with a multi-year project, and in the first year, a dedicated team of 25 experts was assigned to provide configuration, enhancement, and support services. The support cycle operated on a 24/7 basis to address any issues promptly. The team focused on various activities, including Salesforce administration post-implementation, maintenance of complex business scenarios, support for custom and third-party solutions, continuous improvement, and test automation.


  1. The implementation of Digile’s Salesforce Managed Services provided significant benefits to the client.
  2. Dedicated support and expertise from Digile resulted in streamlined Salesforce administration and maintenance for the client.
  3. The client experienced improved stability and performance of the Salesforce platform.
  4. The team’s knowledge and skills were instrumental in addressing complex business scenarios.
  5. Digile provided support for custom and third-party solutions.
  6. Continuous improvement initiatives ensured the client stayed up to date with the latest Salesforce features and enhancements.
  7. The inclusion of test automation improved efficiency and reduced the risk of errors.
  8. Overall, the Salesforce Managed Services engagement with Digile allowed the client to effectively leverage Salesforce’s capabilities and achieve their business objectives.

Technology Used: Digile utilized various Salesforce modules to deliver the Salesforce Managed Services, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and the Marketing Application. In addition, the team had expertise in integrating and supporting the Marketo marketing automation platform. They leveraged Salesforce’s robust ecosystem and automation capabilities to enhance the client’s business processes and drive productivity gains.

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