Optimized Operations and Maintenance for Lebuhraya Borneo Utara

Challenge: Lebuhraya Borneo Utara Sdn Bhd (LBU), the Project Delivery Partner for the Pan Borneo Highway in Sarawak, faced the challenge of effectively managing the design, construction, and operation of this extensive transportation project. With a total distance of 1,060 km and the need for seamless integration across multiple business processes, LBU required a comprehensive solution to ensure efficient asset lifecycle management and successful project execution.

Solution: Digile (previously Reveron Consulting), implemented an end-to-end solution for LBU to facilitate the design, construction, and operation of the Pan Borneo Highway, Sarawak. The solution encompassed several key components, including:

Phase 1A – Design and Construction Management: Digile executed a complete Project Information Management System with a Common Data Environment (CDE), enabling seamless collaboration and information sharing. The adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) principles facilitated integration across 74 business processes, enhancing design and construction management for improved asset lifecycle management. Customized dashboards were developed to monitor project progress, quality assurance, health, safety, and risk.

Phase 1B – BIM Execution and 3D Modeling: For Phase 1B, DIgile developed an Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR), followed by the BIM Execution Plan and 3D modeling of the highway. The implementation of BIM Level 2 processes, supported by the ProjectWise Common Data Environment (CDE), ensured accurate design representation and enhanced collaboration between stakeholders.

Road Asset Management Solution: Digile implemented a Road Asset Management Solution to manage the Operations & Maintenance of the Pan Borneo Highway. This solution, scheduled to commence in January 2019, will enable effective management and maintenance of the highway infrastructure, ensuring its optimal performance over time.

Results: The implementation of Digile’s solution delivered significant results for LBU and the Pan Borneo Highway project, including:

  1. Enhanced Collaboration and Integration: The Project Information Management System and BIM adoption facilitated seamless collaboration and integration across various business processes, resulting in improved communication and coordination among stakeholders.
  2. Efficient Design and Construction Management: The use of BIM principles, coupled with customized dashboards, enabled effective project monitoring, quality assurance, health, safety, and risk management. This led to improved project outcomes and prompt decision-making.
  3. Accurate Design Representation: The 3D modeling of the highway using BIM Level 2 processes ensured accurate design representation and enhanced visualization of the project. This helped stakeholders gain a comprehensive understanding of the project’s scope and requirements.
  4. Optimal Operations and Maintenance: The implementation of the Road Asset Management

Technology Used: The solution implemented by Digile leveraged various cutting-edge technologies, including:

  • Bentley ProjectWise Design Integration: A comprehensive design integration platform facilitating collaboration and information sharing among project stakeholders.
  • Bentley ProjectWise Construction Management: A robust construction management solution streamlining workflows and improving coordination during the construction phase.
  • Bentley Facilities Planner: A powerful tool for effective asset lifecycle management, enabling efficient planning and maintenance of project assets.
  • Bentley OpenRoads: A modeling and design software specifically designed for road and highway projects.
  • Bentley OpenBridge Designer: A specialized software for bridge design and analysis, ensuring the structural integrity of highway bridges.
  • Bentley AECOsim: A comprehensive design and modeling software for infrastructure projects, including highways and bridges.
  • Bentley AssetWise: An asset performance management solution enabling effective management of infrastructure assets throughout their lifecycle.
  • Microsoft Power BI Dashboards: Customized dashboards developed using Microsoft Power BI, providing real-time data visualization and insights for project monitoring and control.


Digile’s implementation of Bentley AssetWise for the Pan Borneo Highway project proved to be a resounding success, earning the prestigious “Advancements in Road & Rail Asset Performance” award at the Year in Infrastructure YII2019. By leveraging the industry-leading capabilities of Bentley AssetWise, Lebuhraya Borneo Utara (LBU) achieved optimized operations and maintenance for the highway, resulting in better-informed decision-making and unlocking economic and social benefits for the communities along the Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak corridor. The project’s recognition highlights Reveron’s commitment to delivering innovative digital solutions that drive efficiency and maximize the value of infrastructure assets.

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