Legacy Managed Service and Modernization

Challenge: Global data centre company, a multinational company specializing in internet connection and data centres, relied on Siebel as the backbone of their business and IT (Information Technology) operations. However, with the shrinking global talent pool, they faced challenges in supporting and developing the platform to meet their requirements for multiple needs. The brand decided to outsource their Siebel operations and development to find a reliable partner.

Solution: To address the challenges, Digile took on the responsibility of Siebel managed services, development, and modernization. They implemented a comprehensive approach to end-to-end application support and maintenance (ASM) rooted in innovation, deep expertise, sharp analysis, process optimization, and intelligent operations. The team comprised 42 members for support and automation and 15 members for development, who worked on various Siebel modules, including Siebel CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Base, Siebel Quoting, Siebel Ordering, Siebel Configurator, Siebel Products, Siebel Pricing, Siebel Work Orders, Siebel Asset Management, and Siebel Integrations to other Applications. Additionally, the team modernized the Siebel platform through Siebel DevOps, test automation, and process automation.


  1. We achieved a reduction of approximately 30% in their Siebel IT spend, thanks to the partnership with Digile.
  2. The support provided by Digile enabled to continue utilizing Siebel for multiple needs.
  3. The brand benefited from the expertise of Digile in maintaining and modernizing the Siebel platform.
  4. The project with Digile has been ongoing for multiple years.
  5. Currently, the project is in its second year of engagement.

Technology used: Digile utilized various technologies to provide Siebel managed services, development, and modernization, including Siebel CRM, DevOps, test automation, and process automation. Their team also used innovation and sharp analysis to optimize the platform and reduce IT spend.

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