How Can Enterprise Application Services Benefit Your Business?

A business, irrespective of the size or product/service, consists of many different departments, such as marketing, sales, HR, IT, etc. which work together to deliver the best possible customer experiences. Enterprise Application Services allow businesses to serve a constantly changing number of customers and their evolving needs without having to increase or decrease the number of employees in response. Through Enterprise Application Services, organizations can boost productivity, save money, and scale their growth in a much more effective and efficient manner.

Enterprise Application Services and your Organization.

Applications that help organizations of all sizes to run operations, manage finances, attract and retain good talent, engage with stakeholders, and integrate customer experiences effectively are known as Enterprise Application Services. Such applications help you get a unified view of your operations, streamline processes, and open up higher levels of productivity.

Enterprise Application Services can be used to improve the functioning of all departments of your organization, right from marketing and production, to finance and HR. Let’s explore the broad categories of applications and how these applications can help your organization grow.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Managing an organization’s relationship with a large customer base can be challenging. Dealing with the issues they faced, helping them get the correct resolution, and ensuring that their overall interaction with a brand remains positive can be extremely challenging, both for the CS representative and the brand. A CRM application provides a unified view of all the interactions that a customer’s had with the brand till now, and gives them access to additional information such as customer preferences, helping them best serve their customers.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    Managing work in an organization can be challenging, irrespective of the size of the workforce. Whether it is managing a ton of work between a few employees, or choosing the perfect resource to deliver urgent work in a large workforce, ERP applications make it all possible.
  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
    Searching for, hiring, training, and retaining the right people is one of the most difficult, time-consuming, and impactful tasks that any organization can undertake. HCM software makes it much simpler to engage with existing and potential talent in all aspects, right from talent search and management, employee benefits, holidays, and grievance redressal. Ensuring that your organization is able to attract, retain, and grow with the best talent.
  • E-commerce Optimization
    E-commerce optimization helps an organization not only streamline its operations but also improve its customers’ experiences. From order placement to delivery and post-sales issues, it gets everything onto a single dashboard, allowing all teams to view the issue and collaborate to resolve customer issues.
  • Project Management
    From planning and financial management to execution and post-completion processing, projects can take up a lot of your team’s bandwidth in terms of time, effort, and energy. The most complicated task is getting all teams to coordinate and move towards the larger objective, instead of staying focused on meeting their KPIs. Project Management Applications make delivering projects on time a breeze, by simplifying collaboration and tracking of progress.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Organizations’ supply chains are long and complicated, interweaving between many nodes and locations. Managing the flow of information and products between the various nodes in your supply chains to ensure timely delivery is very complicated. Supply Chain Management software allows organizations to identify and flag issues, and rectify them, helping you get the most out of your supply chains.
  • Financial Management
    From employee compensation and bonuses to event budgets and client invoices, organizations have to deal with a lot of finances every day. Financial management applications make management of all such finances streamlined and easy, allowing your organization to have and use finances for more important projects.
  • Sustainability Management
    Managing modern goals of sustainability is at the top of the list for all organizations in the modern day. However, taking the right steps toward sustainability can be difficult, especially when companies have to focus on profitability and shareholder approval as well. Sustainability Management Applications help organizations steer toward achieving their sustainability goals by clearly showing the steps needed to be taken and the goals still to be achieved.

Enterprise Application Services with Digile

Digile has been helping organizations achieve ever higher levels of productivity and cost efficiency for many years. Being experienced in this field, we understand that different organizations have different requirements, processes, goals, and constraints within which to achieve those goals. That’s why, we begin by understanding each of our client’s very specific situations and tailoring solutions to their needs. We enhance the power of Enterprise Application Services by offering Bespoke solutions, Scalability and resilience, Innovative and impactful Results, and Secure Applications.

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To ensure that our offerings are compatible with the current stacks being used by our clients, we specialize in Salesforce, SAP, Netsuite, Oracle, and ServiceNow, getting you solutions that integrate with your current stacks seamlessly.

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