Get a headstart in 2024 with Netsuite

As the world continues to witness all that’s become possible through the use of AI, organizations across the world can experience ever-higher levels of efficiency and productivity with Netsuite ERP for Business, thanks to Netsuite’s range of new AI and other features!

The implementation of generative AI capabilities across their range of solutions by Netsuite allows organizations to reach their goals much faster than ever before, helping them stay ahead of all competition.

In addition to AI-specific features, Netsuite also released a whole host of functionality and efficiency-focused features to help organizations get more out of their Netsuite implementations in 2024.

10+ New Features of Netsuite to get you ahead in 2024

In the recent Suiteworld conference and Netsuite’s 2023.2 release, Netsuite announced a whole host of new releases. From AI tools & services to improvements to existing Netsuite ERP services, all the new releases announced by Netsuite are designed to help its users hit the ground running in 2024 by helping them explore previously unexplored avenues of business, benefit from increased productivity improvements by streamlining their workflows, and cut costs through AI powered automations:

NetSuite Account Reconciliation: The matching process for zero balance and low-risk transactions can now be simpler than ever Netsuite’s new paid, licensed add-on module gives users access to an intelligent auto-match system and helps you manage the GL account reconciliation processes

Upgrades to NetSuite EPM: Provide users more insight into profit-driving initiatives, extend tax management capabilities to aid in compliance challenges, and do a whole lot more!

NetSuite Bill Capture: Categorization of expenses and suggesting subsidiaries based on your date and bill histories, along with scanning and uploading multiple vendor bills becomes more streamlined than ever with enhanced machine learning capabilities.

Item360 SuiteApp: Get access to all information about an item record with a single click through a customizable report.

Upgrades to NetSuite Electronic Invoicing: Experience extreme convenience in invoicing compliance and streamlining mandates for digital signatures, QR codes, etc. by connecting with our international API from within our suite.

NetSuite AP Automation: Ensure that only authorized transactions get paid by submitting, reviewing, and approving payments in batches through our new approval routing feature.

NetSuite Text Enhance: Create personalized content for finance, accounting, HR, supply chain, operations, sales, marketing, customer support, and more with Netsuite’s new AI-powered Text Enhance functionality.

NetSuite Guided Learning Tool: Boost user adoption and user confidence levels with Netsuite’s guided learning tool that navigates and guides you through the data input for whichever screen you are on.

Upgrades to NetSuite Pay: Simplify accepting and processing payments for customers by eliminating unnecessary manual steps from payment processing.

WMS: Create custom wave criteria to define the orders you want to include in wave transactions using our WMS module.

Manufacturing: Provide detailed cost breakdowns and detailed information to your manufacturing accounting teams through the new Costed BOM features.

Get the most out of Netsuite ERP with Digile

Digile understands the importance of getting the implementation done right for our clients to get the most out of Netsuite ERP solutions. That’s why, we follow an extensive implementation process, right from getting a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements, to helping them develop the implementation to keep delivering value for years to come. Explore our Enterprise Applications Services for more information.

Digile has helped its clients improve all aspects of their businesses with Netsuite ERP, from meeting financial regulations and optimizing asset utilization to never running out of supply and improving productivity through cloud access. We have a proven track record of successfully implementing many of Netsuite’s modules for its clients including:

  • NetSuite Cloud Service
  • NetSuite Financial Management
  • NetSuite Fixed Asset Management
  • NetSuite Inventory Management
  • NetSuite Procurement

How Thanachart benefitted from Netsuite

Thanachart bank was an asset based financing provider in Thailand that offered fast and flexible credit facilities to its clients. Thanachart Bank PCL and TMB Bank PCL of Thailand decided to integrate their businesses in order to successfully provide end-to-end banking services to their clients. An integration of such large proportions came with its one set of unique and complex challenges, including the integration of business processes, IT systems and operating models.  To ensure a successful integration, Thanachart planned to go with Oracle Netsuite as their new ERP of choice. 

After careful consideration, Thanachart decided to trust Digile as its vendor to implement Oracle Netsuite ERP for the following reasons:

  • Proven track record of getting 100% projects ready to go-live
  • Presence of a strong local team in Thailand
  • Support for Thailand’s regulatory requirements with Digile’s Thailand localization package
  • Years of experience in the Financial Services Sector and Consulting Services
  • Support received by Oracle NetSuite team

As an Oracle NetSuite Partner, Digile (formerly Innopia) worked with TTB Broker to implement  the following modules of Oracle NetSuite to set it up as their new core ERP with:

  • NetSuite Financial Mid-Market Cloud Services
  • NetSuite Fixed Asset Mid-Market Cloud Services
  • Digile’s Oracle NetSuite Thailand Localization Package

To ensure that the new integration cut over from the existing ERP for uninterrupted operations, the project needed to be completed in a very tight deadline. With its operational and executional expertise, Digile ensured that the project was not only delivered in time, but also met all of the quality standards put up by Thanachart. Post their successful merger and integration, TMBThanachart Bank became the fifth largest bank in Thailand by integrated asset size.

After relying on Digile for a successful integration, TTB Broker has now used Oracle Netsuite for 3 years and plans to continue working with their Netsuite implementation for all accounting and finance requirements. Additionally, Digile’s contract for renewed to provide application managed services by TTB Broker!

Just like in the case of Thanachart and TMB Bank PCL, Digile has helped many clients achieve their goals and objectives through successful implementations of Oracle Netsuite.

Learn how Digile can help you grow your business with Netsuite

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