From Legacy Systems to Digital Excellence: Transforming Through Digital Enablement

As cited by the World Economic Forum, $100 trillion will be added to the world economy through digital transformation by 2025. To get onto this massive economic wave, companies across the world are looking towards digital transformations, with Gartner suggesting that 91% of businesses are already engaged in some form of digital initiative, while 87% of senior business leaders are looking at digitalization as a priority.

However, reports also suggest that between 70% & 90% of all digital transformation programs fail. But how could that be? How could such a large percentage of large organizations looking to capitalize on the Digitalization wave fail their digital transformations? For most organizations, the missing ingredient in their Digital Transformation journeys is Digital Enablement.

What is Digital Enablement?

The process of digital transformation can be very long, taxing, and hard to accomplish. Digital enablement includes all the steps taken and tools used by an organization to make a digital transformation easier and most importantly, successful! These steps include everything from human resource-related aspects such as aligning the management and workforce with the transformation’s goals, to technical aspects such as providing the required training to work with the newly adopted digital platforms and get the most out of them.

How is it different from Digital Transformation?

The words Digital Enablement and Digital Transformation are often used interchangeably, even by many industry experts. However, these 2 concepts are not the same, but rather complementary.

Digital Transformation refers to the process of adopting digital technologies, platforms, and processes that help an organization transform how it functions. On the other hand, a Digital Business Enablement strategy, as stated earlier, includes the steps taken and tools used by an organization to make its digital transformation successful and easy, while also aiming for the process to be agile.

In a way, we can look at digital enablement as the quintessential foundation that’s required to keep the heavy bridge of Digital Transformation from collapsing, both during and post its construction.

But what is this list of steps that an organization must follow for a successful digital transformation? And do these steps vary from one organization to the other? Let’s find out.

Steps of Digital Enablement

From aligning the leadership on digitization strategic goals to transforming processes so they support digital endeavors, organizations need to follow a lot of steps to give their digital transformation the best possible chance of succeeding. However, depending on the organization’s current situation and status, the number of things that it needs to do to transform successfully will vary. Let’s look at the various steps that need to be followed before diving into the nuances.

1. Getting executive buy-in from the leadership team

As the team that makes all of the organization’s short, medium, and long-term decisions, it is essential to get the entire leadership team on board with the idea of a holistic digital transformation to ensure that the process goes over smoothly and is not halted before it is completed. Getting this buy-in also ensures that the team carrying out the transformation can get an understanding from each vertical head of how each department uses the existing tools to modify the digital business enablement strategy and tools to make the transition as seamless as possible.

2. Taking everyone through a thorough onboarding

Transitioning to modern, digital platforms also requires everyone to change how they work. That’s why it is crucial to take everyone in the organization through a detailed onboarding process. In some cases, organizational restructuring may also be required to streamline new operational processes, which is also something that would require patient onboarding. Additionally and most importantly, it is key to communicate the main reason behind the transformation, along with its potential benefits not just for the organization, but for the individual employees as well. This helps to dramatically reduce the resistance to change faced by all employees.

3. Training

Switching to completely new, digital platforms after having years of experience working with certain tools and processes can be extremely challenging and time-consuming, while also affecting an employee’s productivity. This can end up causing a lot of stress for the employee in addition to an aversion towards the transition. Hence, it is quintessential for an organization to ensure that all of its employees are given ample time, resources and training to get acquainted with the new platforms.

4. Tweaking Processes

When talking about digital transformation, we generally only think about IT teams experiencing change. However, a company-wide transformation would impact each and every department in the organization, from marketing to finance. This is why, under the list of digital enablement services, it is crucial to help an organization tweak its processes across departments to help them get better aligned with the upcoming digital change.

5. Communication

From raising queries to tagging potential software bugs, employees may face a lot of challenges when switching to new technologies. That’s why, setting up clearly defined communication chains, guidelines, and policies goes a long way in simplifying the learning process for all employees involved in the transition.

While these steps might seem relatively simple to implement, their actual implementation is actually extremely complex and time-consuming. While some companies do try their very best to implement them, they often fail to do so completely either due to a lack of time or collaboration. That’s why it’s crucial to have an expert help you set up your digital transformation for success with comprehensive digital business enablement services and a sound strategy

Getting Digitally Enabled with the Right Partner

With Digital Enablement involving some really complex and time-consuming steps, it’s just better to rely on an expert with a proven track record to help you. From providing well-thought-out services to laying out a digital enablement strategy, Digile does it all. We have helped many clients achieve successful Digital Transformations with sky-high ROIs with our range of digital enablement services. Here is the range of services we offer:

1. Tech Strat and Advisory – We work with you to understand the complexities and challenges that your organization currently faces and develop a digital strategy that works for you.

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Operating model setup
  • Infrastructure Resilience Mapping
  • People & change strategy alignment

2. Data and Analytics – Having access to the right data at the right time can make a world of difference to innovation and competition. We help you identify the right application of your data to enhance customer experience and drive sustainable growth.

  • Data Transformation
  • Machine Learning Operations
  • Data Cloud Infrastructure
  • Business Intelligence

3. Transformation and Innovation – We help Enterprise leaders realize the impact that the right kind of digital enablement and transformation can bring and are embracing disruptive technology to design their future.

  • Legacy Modernization
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • App Development
  • Automation

4. Agile and DevSecOps – We believe that Agile and DevOps complement each other, as they both aspire to achieve the same result – speed. Hence, we promote DevSecOps in an Agile environment to accelerate technology transformation with efficiency and security at scale.

  • Project & Sprint Planning
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Security Automation
  • Full stack skilled DevSecOps teams

5. Managed Services – We deploy the REAL Framework – Reliable, Evolving, Assessable, and Leverage to provide AMS for custom-built and platform-based applications that run on ERP, Cloud, or Open-Source technologies.

  • Application Migration & Upgrades
  • Application and database tuning
  • Security & Vulnerability Testing & Fixes
  • SLA-based tiered Level 1, 2, and 3 support
  • Predictive Monitoring
  • Real-time Insights

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