Inspiring story of Rutuja Jagdale – Gymnastics Acrobat and Gold Medal Winner

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we are inspired to share the story of Rutuja Jagdale. Digile is the proud sponsor for Rutuja, who represented India and won the Gold Medal at the 12th Asian Acrobatic Gymnastics Championship held in Kazakhstan.

In the world of gymnastics, talent and hard work often pave the way for success. However, for one rising star in the sport, it was also a matter of determination and perseverance despite humble beginnings.

Rutuja Dattatray Jagdale

Meet Rutuja Dattatray Jagdale, a gymnastics champion who hails from a modest background in Vashinaka, Maharashtra. As a Bus Driver and housewife, Rutuja’s father and mother struggled to make ends meet. Despite their financial constraints, Rutuja’s parents always encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

Rutuja’s passion for gymnastics started at a young age. She was in 5th class when she attended a 15-day gymnastics summer camp in school. She was inspired by the grace of the sport and the coaches instantly saw a spark in Rutuja. They encouraged her to continue her training at Shri Narayan Rao Acharya Vidya Niketan. It was too far from where she stayed, and she knew her parents would not allow her to travel the long distance on her own.

Undeterred, Rutuja paired up with other friends and started traveling the long distance for her training. One day, her father saw her while passing the institution and upon witnessing her determination, decided to support her in her dreams.

Rutuja’s dedication paid off and her talent quickly became evident. Rutuja progressed quickly, and her coaches saw great potential in her.

Rutuja’s big break came when she was selected to represent India at the 12th Asian Acrobatic Gymnastic Championship at Kazakhstan. She was nervous, but also excited to compete on a world stage. Rutuja trained harder than ever before, determined to make her country and her family proud.

She needed sponsorship to meet her travel requirements and Digile was happy to support this budding talent. With Digile’s Sponsorship under her belt, Rutuja gave a stunning performance at the competition. Her grace, strength, and agility wowed the judges and the audience, earning her Gold medal in the Senior (15 years & above) category.

For Rutuja, the victory was not just a personal triumph, but also a testament to the power of perseverance and determination. She hopes that her story will inspire other young people from humble backgrounds to pursue their dreams, no matter the obstacles they may face. Life has come a full circle, with her training other gymnastics students at the same institute where she was once a student.

Today, Rutuja continues to train and she, along with 60 others, have been selected for the National Championship taking place between 23rd and 28th March 2023. Digile is proud to support the whole team as this team embodies Digile’s own core values – DRIVEN!

Rutuja’s story is an inspiration to young people everywhere who dream of achieving greatness despite the odds stacked against them.

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