Enhance Customer Service and Support with Salesforce Service Cloud

Most industry studies have shown that the thing that sets companies apart from the competition is Customer Service. If the aim is to always be top-of-mind for your customers, providing excellent customer service is key. Even if a brand’s products/services are market-leading, bad experiences with customer support can ruin a brand’s image firstly in the minds of the customer, and then in the market as a whole due to word of mouth and social media. But how do you provide the best possible customer service, and do you need modern-day tools such as Salesforce Service Cloud to enhance customer support in the modern world? Let’s find out!

The Salesforce Service Cloud Advantage!

A market leader in the industry, Salesforce has more than 23 years of experience and many popular success stories of how their service-related offerings were able to help small and large organizations improve services and increase customer satisfaction, all while streamlining processes and reducing costs.

As a part of their Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce offers over 14 distinct servicing solutions, all designed to improve specific aspects of customer service and enhance the overall customer experience. From Self Service and Service Automation to accelerate resolution times, to Data Cloud and Customer 360 for real-time personalization, and a whole lot more, Salesforce offers a lot of services to enhance customer service.

Here are the modules offered by Salesforce in its Service Cloud:

Supports customers across touchpoints

  • Self Service Experience – Connects your customers to relevant answers faster than ever.
  • Digital Engagement – Lower costs and connect every conversation in the customer journey
  • Voice – Provide personalised service in every phone call and connect with customers with call centre integration
  • Visual Remote Assistant – Reduce operational costs and increase first-time fix-rates by solving issues with live video. Connect in real-time over video with remote visual assistance.

Makes service teams even more productive

  • Service Process Management – Service Cloud Einstein has everything you need to scale now and drive immediate value.
  • Service Automation – The single solution to scale support and drive efficiency with customer service automation software, empower service teams and create experiences customers love
  • Chatbots – Personalised and intelligent service across all channels can now be automated with AI-powered customer service chatbots
  • Team Productivity – Transform the way your teams work together to deliver best-in-class customer experiences from sales and service to IT and more. Bring the right customer information securely and directly into the flow of work.

Helps increase savings

  • Service Operations – Drive operational efficiency and productivity with data and AI-powered insights, empowering teams to make faster decisions.
  • Customer Servie AI – Deliver personalised experiences and save time with AI.
  • Data Cloud – Activate all your customer data across Salesforce applications with Data Cloud. Empower teams to engage customers with contextual data in the flow of work.
  • Customer 360 – Connect with your customers in a whole new way with customer 360. Trusted AI, Data, and CRM make your teams more smarter and productive.
  • CRM Analytics – Get contextual insights and recommendations to drive your business every day with CRM Analytics.
  • Integration – Connect any data, system, or AI model securely and automate tasks and processes wherever they run, including in legacy systems.

Keeps customer satisfaction high

  • Contact Centre Software – Transform your contact centre into an omnichannel engagement centre for effective, cost-efficient service.
  • Field Service – Keep mobile workers and customers connected with AI + Data + CRM.
  • Employee Service – Simplify delivery of employee management that your team will love

How these tools help you deliver excellence in customer service

Suppose a layman was asked to differentiate between average and excellent customer service. In that case, they might point to the customer service representative and how they interact with a customer as the only thing to consider. However, organizations dealing with many customer queries daily understand that there is much more nuance to excellent customer service than a soft-spoken customer service representative. From understanding the customer’s stage in their buyer’s journey to providing them with the right information exactly when they need it, comprehensive and modern customer service involves a lot of things that need to be just right. Here is how the potent tools offered by Salesforce help you deliver exceptional customer care:

  1. Deep understanding of the customer buying journey – A customer’s buying journey consists of various stages. While the earlier stages of a customer’s buying journey are more concerned with exploring their own use cases and gaining information on most products in the market, being in the later stages of the journey might see their focus shift to price comparison and getting more detailed information about specific product types. Having an idea of where a customer is in this journey helps customer service executives provide targeted and relevant information.
  2. Self/Automated diagnosis and suggestions – In certain situations, customers might prefer to get more clarity about issues.  These situations demand the availability of self-diagnosis, giving users the opportunity to understand and potentially fix a problem themselves, instead of having to reach out to someone and jump through multiple hoops to get their issues resolved.
  3. Multi-department Integration – A customer who’s having to deal with some unexpected issues with their products is looking for the easiest, and cheapest way to get their issue resolved reliably. In such a situation, the last thing that a customer would want is to repeat the issue faced by them to multiple people if they’re transferred from one person to another. To avoid such problematic experiences for customers, companies must try to adopt higher levels of integration.
  4. Cloud Support – Servicing a single client may not involve much data exchange. However, when it comes to servicing an organization that has tens of hundreds of machines, a lot of data such as updated manuals, tutorials, etc need to be shared with clients. Also, as technology gets updated, so do their supporting manuals. Sharing such manuals repeatedly with clients can become a hassle for both clients and the servicing teams. This is where cloud support can come in handy.

While Salesforce’s tools offer up a world of opportunities to offer customer delight through Excellent service, thorough and proper Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation is key to getting the most out of Salesforce’s Service Cloud. That is where Digile can be the right partner for you!

Salesforce with Digile

At Digile, we understand that each organization has very different needs. That’s why, we offer specialized services and support to ensure that organizations are able to extract the most out of your Salesforce Service Cloud Integration.

We begin by understanding your business and its needs to help create a thorough tech strategy. Our experts guide your organization through the digital transformation process while expediting your Salesforce Cloud implementation timelines. We also provide accelerators for the design and implementation phases, integrations, Rollout Support, Development and Support, Usage of AppExchange, Application Lifecycle Management, and Migration to Salesforce Lightning.

In addition to Service Cloud, we also offer Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, and Sales Cloud from Salesforce to help your organization improve data sharing, streamline workflows, increase productivity, improve collaboration, and enhance your customers’ experience. Check out our Salesforce Implementation Services

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