Stay Ahead with Digital Agility: Insights to IT Industry

The fashion industry is an industry which runs on trends. In single year designer houses have their spring/summer and fall/winter collections. They bet big on seasonal trends driving their businesses since their consumers are willing to spend big bucks on these trends and a fashion-conscious individual will ditch a Gucci for a Versace if Versace does not have a collection out for a season.

Operative word here is trends.

Let us delve a bit into the IT industry and see what we can learn from the fashion industry.

We for too long have been very resistant to change and glacial in our speed of transformation.

While this would have worked fine in the world past, this cannot work in the world of the present or future.

We as consumers are always waiting for the next update, iteration, and improvement of things that we use. Emboldened by the constant feature set upgrade of apps that govern their personal life consumers expect similar agility in their business apps.

Successful companies not only have an ear to ground they have the ability to be like canaries in mines detecting subtle changes in the technology environment.

Newer choices flood the market, be it a new JavaScript library, monitoring tools, product enhancement, cloud management software. Not all technology choices are good and not all technology choices will dovetail with your organization’s goals. But the big question organizations need to ask is, are we willing to be late to the game. Will a decision to not migrate to the cloud now give us a competitive disadvantage later, Will the users frustration in a legacy system lead to them opting for newer choices in markets.

That’s where the entire concept of digital agility comes in. Being nimble in the evaluation and implementation of ever-changing technology choices.

Organizations need intelligence to look at their landscape, decide on what changes are needed to give them a competitive advantage, and find a trusted partner to implement these changes quickly to gain competitive advantage.

There are infinite possibilities and that is where we come in. Join us.

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